cleaning-testing-hosesEveryone loves a clean pool especially during swimming season. Let us help you keep your pool clean this season and you can focus on the important part, enjoying your pool. We have a staff  on hand and willing to work extra hard to keep it clean. See  below and feel free to let us know if we are missing something you want completed.[divider type=”image”]

Pool Upkeep:

  • Clean
  • Sanitize
  • Chemical Control
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Small Repairs
  • Changes Back Wash
  • Maintain


Spa Maintenance:

  • Clean
  • Chemicals
  • Back Wash
  • Filter Changes


Other Services:

  • Supply chemicals, as needed
  • Personalized service
  • Check and adjust water chemicals
  • Check equipment
  • Keep water clean of debris
  • Check and clean skimmer baskets
  • Brush or vacuum pool surfaces at every visit
  • Check and adjust water pressure
  • Check and backwash filter, as needed

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