One of the services we provide when pools become coated in algae that becomes difficult to remove. This can occur due to stagnant pool water over time without chemical additives. If your pool is inhabitable, it’s time to drain & clean. If the pool is bad enough, chemicals aren’t going to do the trick and it’s time for a serious wash.

– First we determine if the pool needs to be cleaned which can be determined by the common rule of thumb: If the pool floor is no visible, the time and requirement of chemicals and labor will be greater than the cleaning charge.

This can also increase the “shine” or cleanliness of the plaster, removing years of staining.

– Next we will drain you pool water and clear any leaves or debris. We will also remove any live algae, dirt, or grime before we start the wash.

– We then begin the wash which is basically stripping it of a thin layer of plaster removing leaving a fresh pool surface.

– After the wash is performed we will neutralize the remnants once we have washed the entire pool surface.

– Then we refill the water and chemically treat it, leaving it ready for swimming in a few days.

It may be seen for large amounts of debris in the pool, excessive neglect, or larger sized pools. Inducement will be realized for clean or empty pools.

Let us know if you have any questions about this process.

Here are some more before-after images of previous jobs.

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