A swimming pool company devoted to helping you enjoy the entire season with little downtime by focusing solely on our three key areas: Cleaners ,Maintaining, and Servicing. We are a local company started by, Corey Carpenter. Mesa Clean Pools is focused on building long-term relationships and will do what ever it takes to earn your business.

We are located in Mesa, Arizona and we serve areas within a 30 mile radius. If you are outside our range, feel free to call. We can work something out or we will connect you with a quality company in your local area. Our goal is to assist you with any of your needs and answer any questions you may have.

We promise to do what we say the first time and will exceed your expectations regardless of your problems.

We provide cleans all over the valley. You can watch now the hookies to check out some examples of our work.

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Everyone loves clean water especially during swimming season (ie. 90+ degree summer!). Let us help you keep your water fresh so you can focus on the important part, enjoying your time poolside. Let us clean the deck, scrub the tile to remove calcium buildup, and keep the algae away as well

Pool Upkeep

Keeping your pool clear is only part of the battle. Routine chemical level testing and adjusting, pumps, and general upkeep will decrease your overall costs in the long run. We can also increase the life of your system. We can show you some easy tips to keep your water fresh!

Pool Fixing

System breakdown can be a major inconvenience. We want to help limit your headaches while leaving your wallet in tact. Give us a call for a free estimate to for your pool upkeep needs.

Our website offers information about our company and our offerings, but we also have resources for those interested in learning about self upkeep in our  Info Section. In our resources section you also have access to equipment information, informational videos for everything related to sanitizing, and testing information.

In the Equipment information section, you will find information on the standard equipment used from all over. We have completed this section with the majority of the items we believe are relevant to owners but we are open to more specific questions on unlisted equipment as well as different brands preferences.

The video section of our website is for those interested in learning how to upkeep themselves. Part of our companies mission is to improve the lives of others and we do that by giving you the necessary knowledge to manage your own upkeep with the right tools. We are always working to keep up to date information and if there is any information you want/need that is not listed in our resources section, let us know and we can add specific info, pictures, and/or video to help guide you.

Water Testing is a big part of what we do. This can save both you, the client, and us, the company, time in pool restoration if your chemicals are tested often. Your water should be tested at least once a week. We specialize in brushing but some clients don’t have the budget for that kind of frequency so we can provide monthly with off-site consultation. This means we help our clients keep their water levels under control with e-mails/phone calls (a very small charge may apply depending on actual frequency). Let us know what works for you and if you need help!
By Corey Carpenter


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