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Swimming Pool & SPA ADA Requirements take effect Jan 31st 2013

There has been a new issue of regulations by the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA). This means builders and commercial swimming pools need to adhere to new guidelines. These new rules will effect the means of access and require strict compliance. There is some wiggle room but you will likely need legal counsel to determine ...

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Pool Water – Gallon Calculator

If you are looking to calculate the water volume in your pool, you can use this calculator to determine a rough estimate. We cannot vouch for the correctness of this calculator as it is supplied by The website- http://www.pool1.com If this does not help, give us a call and we can provide any additional help ...

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Prepare you pool for Winter

As winter-time nears you should close your pool for the season which mean treating it properly for closure, even though you won’t be swimming during winter, you have plenty of time to relax with your backrest pillow. Here are a few steps to close out the pool for the season: - Test the pH, tota ...

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