Pool Water – Gallon Calculator

If you are looking to calculate the water volume in your pool, you can use this calculator to determine a rough estimate. Some people like the idea of deciding on the shape and size of the pool based on the volume of water that it will contain. There can be several reasons for this. For example, you might want to be able to fit a considerable amount of people in the pool at the same time, say for parties, or you might want the dimensions to be official and true to what you would find in competitive sports.

My most recent client was looking to have a custom made swim spa very specifically built. The shape of it at the bottom even had to be specific, and he wanted a certain depth and volume. We managed to design things to his liking and have actually started working on getting his place ready for the installation. I know because of dealing with cases like these that you may have a use for this tool, so I hope that it helps you. Let us know if we can help you further.

We cannot vouch for the correctness of this calculator as it is supplied by The website- http://www.pool1.com

If this does not help, give us a call and we can provide any additional help you require.

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